Get Your Move On.

Do it right with sturdy moving accessories. 

Take good care of your stuff and make your move safer and easier with Budget Truck's dependable, professional towing equipment, hand trucks and furniture pads. 

Don't forget furniture pads and hand trucks.

Furniture Pads
Why risk damaging your stuff? The cost of replacement or repair can be high so protect all your furniture and personal belongings from scratches and dings during transport.
Hand Trucks
Save your back and make moving a whole lot easier and faster with a sturdy hand truck. The sooner you get everything off the truck the sooner you can celebrate your new home.

Towing Equipment

Select one of Budget Truck's value-priced towing options to prevent unnecessary mileage on your rental vehicle, save gas money, and enjoy the added security of traveling with two people in the cab of your truck. Download our Vehicle Towing Guide for instructions to use a car carrier or car dolly to safely transport your vehicle.
Budget Truck offers two car-towing systems that are dependable and simple to use:

Car Carrier
Transport your entire vehicle on a sturdy car carrier trailer. This popular option is recommended for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Car carriers can only be rented and attached to our standard 16-foot & 24-foot Budget Trucks rentals. Not available on lift gate trucks.  
car dolly 2
Car Dolly
A car dolly is your best option for front-wheel-drive vehicles and lifts the front wheels of your vehicle off the pavement. Car dollies can only be rented and attached to our standard 16-foot & 24-foot Budget Truck rentals. Not available on lift gate trucks.
tow dolly 1

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