Moving Truck Advantages with Budget Truck Rental

More Bang for Your Buck


Budget Truck delivers more for less


Want to take the stress out of moving? Want to make your own decisions? Need help with directions? Then get up to speed with Budget Truck.

Compare us to other truck rental companies, and you'll realize that Budget Truck is a steal of a deal.

Choose your pickup location

With Budget Truck, you can select your own pick-up and drop-off location when making your reservation either on our web site or by calling to reserve. No more wondering if you will have to drive 20 miles on move day to get your truck. An exception may occur for unforeseen reasons, when there is no truck available at the selected location. In these instances we do our best to obtain a truck at a nearby location.

Moving is stressful enough without having to wait to know where your truck will be available. If you rent from the competition, you could end up somewhere that is not convenient or close to you at all. In fact, with some other rental companies, you may not find out the equipment pick-up location until the evening prior to your move. Who needs that stress?

Choose your pickup location

Accurate Sizes

Budget Truck believes in making sure that the trucks are as convenient, easy to use, and have as much open room available as possible. In fact, if you compare the 26’ Household Mover as advertised on U-Haul‘s® Web site to the 26’ Moving Truck from Budget Truck, just look at the differences:

Accurate Sizes

Budget Truck:

26 feet of full, floor-to-ceiling space.

Payload weight of 12,000 lbs.

Capacity of 5 to 8 rooms.

Advertised on®:

Only 20 feet of open floor with a small overhang over the cab that counts as part of their 26 foot-long measurement.

Payload weight of 6,500 lbs.

Advertised capacity of 3 to 4 rooms.

Fastest way to get there

You’re ready to head to your new apartment or home and you realize that the route you were going to take is completely backed up because of an accident. What do you do? What if you don’t know another good way to get there?

Garmin® GPS to the rescue! Unlike some of the competition, Budget Truck has GPS systems available for rent in their trucks and vans to help you get where you need to go.

Check online, or call the 1-800-GO-Budget reservation center or your local Budget Truck Rental location to reserve one or find out more information.

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