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Dealer Opportunities

Budget Truck Rental is one of the largest truck rental companies in the United States with almost 2,100 locations. Budget Truck Rental is a leader in one-way, consumer and light commercial truck rental. There are a number of reasons for our success. Our trucks - among the newest in the industry, are clean, comfortable and well maintained with all the features that consumers want. Which is why millions of people each year choose Budget Truck Rental.

But the main reason for our success is that we've never lost sight of the most important part of the operation: our Dealer Network.

We chose our dealers carefully to make sure their goals, capabilities and standards match our own. We look for people who recognize what it takes to be a success and who are willing to invest the time and energy needed to succeed.

You'll Get Straight Talk and a Firm Commitment:

When we sign up a new dealer, we want everyone to enter into the relationship with his or her eyes open. We give you all the facts up front, tell you what you can expect and what we ask of you in return.

We want you to be a Budget Truck Rental dealer for the long run. Because while you can expect to make money from the beginning, the rewards will multiply with each year of experience.

That's why we look for a commitment from you and offer you a solid commitment on our part. A commitment in resources. In support. In training. And in our determination to realize mutual growth and profits.

Please click here for more information and to have a representative from Budget Truck Rental contact you. He or she will be more than willing to explain more of the good reasons to consider when becoming a Budget Truck Rental dealer, along with details of what we'll do for you. He or she will also tell you what some of our requirements are to help you determine if becoming a Budget Truck Rental dealer is right for you.