Moving Tips from the Pros | Budget Truck Rental

Moving tips from the pros.

Don't put it off. Make your reservation right now.

To get the best rates and moving dates for your truck rental, make your reservation with Budget Truck as early as possible.

When is the best time to rent a truck?

For our best truck rates and availability, rent midweek (Sunday through Thursday). Truck availability is highest from early to mid-month.

What size truck and what kind of equipment do I need?

Visit our truck page to select the correct vehicle to move your entire household in one or two trips and avoid extra time, additional mileage charges and fuel usage. Don’t forget to include moving equipment with your truck rental. Hand trucks and moving pads will help make your move easier and protect your possessions.

How many boxes will I need?

Always buy quality moving boxes and supplies and don’t pack your valuable possessions in used, dirty boxes. Invest some of the savings from doing the job yourself into doing the job right. Contact your local Budget Truck location for sturdy, clean boxes and helpful moving supplies. Or visit our online store and get boxes and supplies delivered right to your door

Should I have helpers?

Absolutely. And make it a fun occasion. Give your friends and family plenty of notice before moving day. Plan and organize your move ahead of time and have everything packed and ready to load before your helpers arrive. Be sure to keep your moving crew happy with snacks and refreshments. And offer to return the favor the next time they move. If you need help with packing and loading and want to hire professionals, check out our moving partners.

Drive safely

Safe driving is your responsibility, whether you're behind the wheel of a Budget truck or in your personal vehicle. Here are some helpful reminders:

Be careful when backing up.

  • Avoid backing up if possible. If you must,  have an adult guide you.
  • Never back up with towing equipment.

Watch those sharp turns.

  • Trucks are longer and wider  than cars, so they need more turning area.
  • Always use your turn signal and be extra cautious. Check your mirrors and blind spots frequently. 

Allow greater following distances.

  • Brake early and don’t tailgate.
  • Allow at least five vehicle lengths between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Watch Overhead Clearances.

  • Allow for at least 14 ft. of overhead clearance.
  • Beware of low canopies, overpasses, bridges, tree branches, parking garages and signs prohibiting truck traffic. If you need to stop at a drive-thru restaurant, avoid scratches and dents by parking the truck and walking in.

Stay alert.

  • Never drive if you are over-tired or under the influence of medication or alochol.
  • If you plan to drive a far distance, stop regularly for coffee, a snack, and just to stretch your legs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the truck's steering, brakes, wipers, lights, radio, etc. BEFORE you hit the road. The time to fiddle with the radio is not when you are driving down the interstate.

Contact your insurance agent about truck rental coverage

Many personal auto insurance policies and major credit cards do not provide coverage against rental truck theft or damage. Call your agent to verify your coverage and to get more information on optional protection plans and waivers offered by Budget Truck Rental. You can also review our protection plans online.