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Are there age requirements for renting?

Yes. Fees, permissible truck types and minimum age requirements may vary by location. So, prior to picking up your rental truck, it's best to check out the underage rental requirements for the city in which you are renting.

In most U.S. states, Budget Truck Rental locations rent to customers 24 years and older. Some Budget Truck Rental locations also may rent to customers between the ages of 18-23 with the following requirements:

  • Renters 18-23 years of age must present two valid forms of acceptable identification, a valid driver's license and one other form of ID. For details, please see FAQ “What kind of credentials do I need?”
  • At time of rental, an additional $25-per-day underage surcharge for drivers 18-23 years of age will be applied.
  • If a renter wishes to add an additional driver to the rental policy, the second driver must be 18 or older, and present a valid driver’s license. The additional driver fee will also apply. Please see FAQ “May someone else drive a truck I rent?”

Other Minimum Age Requirements

  • Military customers with travel orders may rent at the minimum age of 18.
  • Select corporate customers and military customers may be exempt from the underage fee and be subject to a minimum age requirement of 18. Check with your account representative to see if your company account is eligible.
  • Government employees over the age of 18 traveling on government orders in the U.S. may rent from Budget without a surcharge.
  • U.S. Budget licensee-owned truck locations’ minimum age requirements vary on local rentals, however most allow a minimum age of 18-23 years of age for a small surcharge.
  • For any Budget Truck location, contact the location directly to verify the minimum age requirements.
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