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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident & Cargo Insurance

Personal Accident And Cargo (PAC) insurance provides you with certain benefits if you or your passengers are injured, or your household cargo is damaged due to named perils during your Budget truck rental. Personal Accident and Cargo is only available to non-commercial customers and does not cover certain items, theft or burglary of your goods or any commercial rental or commercial cargo.

Damage resulting from load shift, running into a curb or a bump in the road is not considered a collision. Personal Accident protects the renter for accidents during the entire rental period of 30 days or less, including injuries that occur while loading or unloading the Budget truck.

Personal Accident gives you and your passengers, while in the truck cab, the following accident benefits:


Loss of Life

Medical Expense

Ambulance Expense


$ 50,000 - $ 15,000

$ 1,000

$ 250

These benefits are payable no matter how much other coverage you might have, including any government-provided medical expense or payment reimbursement plans. There is a maximum aggregate coverage of $80,000 for any one The plan does not provide coverage for injuries or death resulting from:

  • Being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants unless taken under the direction of a physician
  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, or suicide or attempted suicide
  • Commission of, or attempt to commit a felony, and assault or other illegal activity
  • Piloting or serving as a crew member or riding in an aircraft

Cargo covers your household goods while in the rental truck against direct and accidental loss damage from collision, overturn of the Budget truck, landslide, flood due to rising water, hail, explosion, fire, windstorm and lightning. Cargo covers your household cargo from the named perils up to these amounts (less a $100 deductible):

  • One-Way Rental: Actual cash value up to $25,000
  • Local Rental: Actual cash value up to $12,500

Property not covered under Cargo

The policy does not cover any of the following property:

  • Currency, coins, bullion
  • Deeds, documents, stamps, tickets
  • Contact lenses, eyeglasses, prosthetic devices
  • Jewelry, furs, fine arts, antiques
  • Slide projectors, audio visual equipment, overhead projectors, desktop personal computers, televisions and computer printers
  • Food stuffs, liquor, medication, pharmaceutical goods, plants, animals, and other perishable goods
  • Animal mounts or other products of taxidermy
  • Cellular telephones, citizen band radios, tape players, radar detectors, radios and other sound reproducing or receiving equipment
  • Firearms, ammunition, holsters, firearm paraphernalia
  • Motor vehicle, including motorcycles and “mobile equipment”
  • Property used for business and or commercial purposes

Exclusions under Cargo

Benefits will not pay for loss or damage caused by the following:

  • Improper packing; improper stowage; mishandling; or loading or unloading of “covered cargo”, except if such loss or damage is a result of a covered peril
  • Normal wear and tear; rust; gradual deterioration, or depreciation
  • Inherent vice, insects or vermin
  • Rain, dampness, or water from a source, except as a direct result of covered peril
  • Breaking; marring; scratching; dust; dryness; cold or heat; being spoiled; discolored; moldy, mildewed, frosted, rotted, soured, steamed, or changed in flavor, except when the same is a result of a covered peril
  • Repair, restoration, being handled or worked on
  • Fraudulent, dishonest or criminal act(s) committed by an “Insured Renter”, acting alone or in collusion with other
  • Illegal transportation or trade
  • Confiscation by a duly constituted government or civil authority
  • Delay; loss of use; loss of market; or other indirect or direct or consequential loss
  • Theft; “burglary”, “robbery” (or attempt threat); mysterious disappearance; or unexplained loss of “covered cargo”
  • Nuclear Hazard
    • Any weapon employing atomic fission or fussion
    • Nuclear reaction or radiation, or radio active contamination from any other cause.
  • War and military action
    • War, including undeclared or civil war
    • Warlike action by a military force including action in hindering or defending against actual or expected attack, by any government, sovereign, or other authority using military personnel or other agents, or
    • Insurrection, rebellion, usurped power of action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these
    • Voluntarily giving someone possession of the “covered cargo”; other than to a parking valet or service technician for the purpose of parking, servicing, or repairing the rental vehicle
    • Intentional or expected acts of Insured
    • Neglect of the Insured Renter for not taking all reasonable means to save and preserve the “covered cargo” after any “loss” damage insured against
    • As a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or reckless driving
    • Strikes, riots, lockouts, labor disturbances, civil commotion, or the act of any person, or persons, taking part in such occurrences or disorder
    • Use of the rented vehicle for business or commercial purposes
    • "Loss" or damage occurring subsequent to a vehicle being obtained under a fictitious name, address, other false identification, or other fraudulent means or misrepresentation

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