Budget Truck Affiliate Program FAQ’s

Answers to Affiliates' most commonly-asked questions

Below are frequently-asked questions about our Online Affiliate Program. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact budgettruck.affiliates@avisbudget.com


What is the Budget Truck Online Affiliate Program?
How much commission can I earn?
How does the program work?
Does it cost anything to join?
What is my responsibility as a Budget Truck Online Affiliate?
What is Budget Truck’s responsibility?

Becoming a member

How do I get started?
Who does Budget Truck invite to be an Affiliate?
I don't have a Web site yet. Can I apply to be an Affiliate?
Can I become an Affiliate if my Web site is based outside the United States?
Can I sign up more than one Web site as an Affiliate?

After you are enrolled

Where should I place the links on my site?
How do I monitor my sales and calculate how much commission I’ve earned?
How does Budget Truck track track reservations originating from my site?
When will I be paid?

The Budget Truck Online Affiliate Program is a fast and easy way for your Web site to generate extra revenue. Once a member, you earn money by promoting Budget Truck through the approved links that we provide for you. Each time one of your visitors clicks on one of these links and completes the rental reservation process at budget.com, you earn commission!

Budget Truck pays all new Affiliates 3% commission (based on time and mileage) for each completed rental reservation referred from your Affiliate link. As the number of completed rentals that your site refers to our site increases, so can your commission.

It's simple. Once you advertise the Budget Truck approved link on your site, you’ll be paid a commission percentage each time a customer clicks on the link, reserves a truck, and pays for their rental.

No, it's absolutely free to join the program!

You are responsible for promoting budgettruck.com and our offers to your audience and for providing them with a link to visit our site. You may set up as many links to pages within budgettruck.com on your site as you like and can promote budgettruck.com to your opt-in- e-mail list or through search engine results. However, you may not purchase the word Budget, Budget Truck or other Budget Truck related search terms that incorporate the Budget name from search engines. In addition, creative elements that we provide, such as logos, banners and text links, may not be altered in any way.

Budget Truck will provide you with an Affiliate Toolbox, customer support, and fulfillment to make the most of your partnership with us. We will process all reservations and rentals that your site generates, and pay your Affiliate commission.

The Budget Truck Affiliate Program is administered by Commission Junction. Get more information or register online.
After you have signed up as a publisher of Commission Junction and registered to become a publisher for Budget Truck you should receive a response within 2-3 days, you'll be notified via e-mail of your acceptance into the program.

Budget Truck invites aesthetically pleasing sites that are interested in promoting our brand. We do not accept personal home pages or personal Web sites that incorporate images or content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable in any way. Or sites that depict sexually-explicit images, promote violence, illegal activities, or unlawful discrimination of any kind.

No. As part of the application process we must be able to review your Web site, so it must be live at that time.

Currently we are accepting sites based in the United States.

Yes, you can have multiple sites under one Affiliate Account as long as they are different sites with separate URLs.

Position the links in a highly visible spot such as your homepage and/or all other high-traffic areas. When your links are placed in an easily accessible location, your visitors are more likely to click on them, which will lead to higher numbers of completed car rentals, and more commission opportunities for you!

Once approved, you’ll be given a user name and password to access the Budget Truck Online Affiliate Toolbox. There you’ll be able to check your reports, including click-through numbers, quotes and reservations. Commission Junction provides you with information on your commissions earned.

Once approved via the online enrollment process, each Affiliate is assigned an individual Affiliate ID and given approved links that contain a unique identifier. Every time your customer follows one of those links to budgettruck.com, your unique URL is detected and we credit you with sending the customer to us. To ensure proper tracking, its important that you don't make any modifications to these links.

10 days after month end the transactions are calculated for the past month. Commission checks will be mailed to the main contact listed on your publisher application in approximately 2 weeks. Commission is based on completed rentals that occurred during the month.