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Outdoor Storage Units

Store your car, boat or RV

Vehicle storage can be a real space-saver – and life-saver. Read these frequently asked questions to learn why outdoor storage could be exactly what you’re looking for.

What does outdoor storage look like?

Expect a paved parking spot that might include a metal roof and RV hookups – perfect for large vehicles or cars. True car aficionados choose drive-up climate-controlled storage for classic cars and more expensive models.

Why choose outdoor storage?

Vehicle storage is ideal for people who are moving, people who travel for extended periods, or anyone with an extra car and no place to park it. If you own a boat, large vehicle or RV, outdoor storage saves space at home, and keeps you compliant with neighborhood associations or apartment complexes that don’t allow large vehicles or boats. Plus it’s one of the more affordable storage options.

How is outdoor storage better than street or driveway parking?

Security, plain and simple. Most storage facilities protect your vehicles from vandalism and theft with things like fencing, security cameras and personalized gate codes. Plus, when you use outdoor storage, you free up space in your driveway or garage. If your outdoor storage space features a roof, your vehicle will be even more protected from the elements.

Any special considerations for outdoor storage?

Yes, a couple. You’ll need to maintain auto insurance while your car is stored. And, most storage facilities require that you keep your car in running condition. If you’re storing your car for longer than a month, protect your engine by changing the oil before you store it.