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Packing Tips for your Storage Unit

Properly packed boxes make for a properly packed storage unit. Here are some tips to help you make that happen:


Choose sturdy moving boxes.

Look for uniform size (for easy stacking), or go with heavy-duty plastic storage containers. See-through varieties make things even more efficient.

Fill them up.

Items inside half-full boxes can shift around – a lot. So fill those boxes, and use bubble wrap or foam peanuts for the gaps.

Close them up.

Even inside a storage unit, your belongings can get dusty. Make sure you tape up moving boxes and put a lid on plastic storage containers. Remember, you can’t stack open boxes.

Label everything.

You need to know what’s inside, and you need to know where in the storage unit you want to place the box. Label those boxes you’ll access frequently, and place them near the door of the storage unit.

Fragile items.

Pack fragile items separately with packing paper or bubble wrap. Try to avoid using messy newsprint.

Protect those books.

Handy tip: protect the spines of your books by packing them flat inside the box.


Floor protection.

Place cardboard or canvas sheeting on the floor of your storage unit. It really helps protect your belongings.

Unload your largest items first.

Large items go against the back wall of your storage unit. If you’re storing appliances, they’ll go against the back wall – but make sure they’re completely dry before storing them.

Leave an aisle.

Great tip, easy to forget. You’ll need to leave a comfortable aisle for easy access to all of your stuff.

Become a smart stacker.

Position your heavier boxes on the bottom of stacks, and place fragile boxes on top. Don’t stack your boxes too high. About four high is the limit, and feel free to place boxes on top of sturdy furniture.

Frequently used items.

Remember those boxes you labeled “frequently used”? Place them near the entrance for easy access. You’ll thank us later…

Don’t lose your screws.

Awesome tip: Disassemble tables and other furniture, but never wonder where you put those screws and bolts. Put them in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of tables. You’re welcome.

Smart furniture packing.

Protect your furniture from dust with sheets, and store any sofas vertically to save space.

Clever space-savers.

Pack dresser drawers with clothing or fragile items. And pack the inside of your washer and dryer with pillows.

Don’t forget the lock.

Always secure your storage unit with a padlock when you leave. And always stay prepared with a packing checklist of all your belongings. Happy packing, and happy moving.