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What Size Moving Truck Do You Need?

How to Choose the Perfect Moving Truck Size

Unfortunately, there’s no quick and simple answer to this question. But you can determine the best moving truck size for your needs with our one-step moving truck size calculator and other expert tips below.

How to Calculate Your Moving Truck Size

There are several factors you could use to calculate the proper moving truck size:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Cubic feet of items
  • Number of boxes
  • Total weight

For the sake of simplicity, Budget Truck recommends using the number of bedrooms as your moving truck size estimating metric. It’s fast and easy—and you’ll probably arrive at the same answer even if you do count all your boxes one by one.

Want to double-check your estimate? Think about the average amount of furniture per bedroom, along with the number of appliances and furniture pieces in living spaces. If you own more furniture than the average homeowner, go up a truck size.

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Special Considerations

Before you book your moving truck, ask yourself if you have any of the special requirements below.

If You Need to Tow a Car…

Need to self-tow a car? If so, you’ll need to rent a 16-foot or 26-foot truck since smaller moving trucks do not have the capacity to tow. Don’t forget to rent a car carrier or tow dolly along with your moving truck rental.

If You Have a King-Sized Bed…

Keep in mind that king-sized beds and mattresses will only fit in 16-foot trucks and 26-foot trucks, so be sure to plan accordingly!

If You’re Not Moving Locally...

When you’re moving out of state, you won’t have the opportunity to make multiple trips if everything doesn’t fit in the truck. Consider opting for a larger truck size to ensure you don’t have to leave anything behind.