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Driving Tips – Get There Safely

Drive safely!

Safe driving is your responsibility. Here are some helpful reminders:

Know your travel route!

  • Make sure you check your travel route as some roads do not allow trucks, have weight restrictions, or have low bridges. 
  • We recommend renting one of our Garmin® GPS units as they come loaded with truck only routes.

Be careful when backing up!

  • Entirely avoid backing up if possible. If you must, have someone guide you.
  • Never back up if your truck has towing equipment.

Watch those sharp turns!

  • Trucks are longer and wider, and need more turning area than cars.
  • Always use your turn signal.

Allow greater following distances!

  • Brake early and DO NOT TAILGATE.
  • Allow at least five vehicle lengths between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Watch Overhead Clearances!

  • Allow for at least 14 feet of overhead clearance.
  • Beware of low canopies, overpasses, bridges, drive-thru restaurants and banks, tree branches, and parking garages. Watch out for signs prohibiting truck traffic.

Insurance -

Many personal auto insurance policies and major credit cards do not provide coverage against rental truck theft or damage. Call your agent to verify your coverage, and get more information on optional protection plans and waivers offered by Budget Truck Rental. You can also review our protection plans online.

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