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Moving Supplies You’ll Need

All the moving supplies listed below are available online at Allboxes.com. It's easy to select your equipment at the same time that you reserve your truck. 


Moving Supplies

Packing Tape - Stock up, because you'll need plenty of heavy-duty tape for packing boxes, and also for general household use.

Tape Gun/Dispenser - This handy tool save time and helps ensure that you won’t lose track of the end of the tape roll.

Wrapping Paper - Resist the urge to wrap your things in newspaper because transferred ink can stain your hands and possessions. (and you won’t want to re-wash dishes after your move.) Instead, use plain wrapping paper to keep items clean and well-cushioned.

Boxes - Choose from professional-quality boxes in popular sizes and shapes:

  • Moving Kits  – A pre-determined mix of boxes and supplies that have been estimated to support the type of move you are planning.
  • Dish Boxes/Barrels  – Heavyweight boxes for fragile items.
  • Mirror/Picture Frame Boxes  – The solution for safely transporting pictures and mirrors.
  • Wardrobes  – Protect all your suits, dresses, jackets, coats and trousers in these sturdy, portable closets. After your move, use these roomy boxes for basement and attic storage.
  • Small Boxes – Perfect for heavy items such as books.
  • Med Boxes  – All-purpose boxes for kitchen gadgets, toys and knick-knacks.
  • Large Boxes – The right choice for lightweight bulky items such as down jackets and bedding.

Cardboard  – Large pieces of cardboard are helpful when used as padding between breakable items or to protect hardwood floors when moving in and out. Leftover boxes also can be cut open and laid flat.

Markers – Label your box contents and indicate in which room each box belongs.

Utility Knife – A sturdy knife is a must to cut tape, rope and cardboard during packing and unpacking.

Rope/Bungee Cords – A necessity on moving day for tying items together or securing items on the truck.

Trash Bags – Perfect for packing soft, lightweight pillows and stuffed animals, and keeping them clean and dry on move day. Just be sure to clearly mark bags as “NOT TRASH” so they don’t end up on the curb.

Furniture Covers – Protect your upholstered furnishings from moisture and dirt during the move.

  • Sofa, loveseat and chair covers
  • Mattress bags – available in all sizes

Bubble Wrap or Foam Wrap – Protect fragile items from breakage. Bubble wrap is much less expensive than having to replace heirloom china or your favorite vase.

Rubber Bands or Rubber Straps  – Armoires or cabinets with swing-open doors should be secured with rubber straps before you move them. Wrap a blanket around the item first if you are worried about the band damaging the furniture.

Padlock – If you plan to stop along the way, be sure to lock the cab and securely fasten the doors of your Budget Truck with a good-quality lock.

Shrink/Stretch Wrap 

  • Wide - Wide shrink wrap is excellent for repackaging large items such as appliances. Use cardboard or a moving blanket and then secure with shrink wrap to protect from scratches and dents. Also use wide shrink wrap for bundling large items.
  • Narrow - Narrow shrink wrap is ideal for bundling long, skinny items such as curtain rods and rakes.

Back Band/Brace – You will do a lot of lifting during your move. Remember to bend at the knees and keep your back straight when lifting. A back band/brace will give you added support.

Forearm Lifts – A forearm lift is a heavy strap that wraps around your forearms and allows you and another person to carry bulky items without having to lift them high.

Carpet Protector – Used commonly by moving companies, this helps protect carpets from damage during your move. The plastic sheet with light adhesive backing is rolled onto the carpet in strips, and is perfect for hallways and heavy traffic areas.

Gloves – Protect your hands from cuts, punctures and pinches. Use heavy-duty gloves if possible, but even a lightweight jersey glove works better than nothing. Be careful when handling slippery items such as glass table-tops—you might need to remove your gloves.


Furniture Pads/Blankets – Use pads and blankets to wrap hard bulky items that have the potential of coming in contact with other items. Blankets are inexpensive compared to the damage that can be done to unprotected furnishings.

Hand trucks – Hand trucks save your back when moving heavy items. Appliance hand trucks have straps and rollers to assist you with refrigerators, stoves and cabinets. Standard hand trucks are good for moving stacked boxes.

Where2® – Getting lost en route to your destination means wasted time and fuel. Budget Truck’s Where2® GPS Navigation, helps keep you on track, provides alternate routes, and locates the most convenient gas stations, restaurants and lodging. More information

Car Dollies/Car Carriers – Prevent unnecessary mileage on your personal vehicle, save gas money, and enjoy the safety of traveling with two people in the cab of your Budget truck. Car carriers and car dollies are available for one-way moves only on 16-foot and 26-foot trucks. More information

What Else You’ll Need:

Drinks – Moving is hard work and you’ll need to keep hydrated, no matter what time of the year. Have plenty of water or sports drinks on hand. Don’t consume beverages with alcohol because you could become dehydrated or intoxicated, which might impair your judgment.

Tools – Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and sockets will help you dismantle furniture for transport. If you have a cordless screwdriver, bring a selection of common-size Phillips, flat-head, Allen, Torx and nut driver bits. This will dramatically reduce the time to disassemble and reassemble beds, dining tables, etc. Remember to have extra flashlights and batteries on hand, and be sure they are fully charged.

Friends and Family – Ask friends and family to help pack and move, and offer to return the favor someday. Keep everyone happy with plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks during the move.

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