Steer Clear.

Arrive a little sooner with Garmin® GPS.

Starting at $11.95 per day (plus tax)

New city? No worries. Get easy, audible driving directions (and peace of mind). With Garmin® GPS

navigation*. Based on the popular Garmin® StreetPilot c550, this proven GPS system offers:

  • Local points of interest like hotels, restaurants, and gas stations
  • Truck routes available
  • Audible, turn-by-turn navigation
  • Easy-to-read touch screen
  • Bluetooth® hands-free calling
  • Spoken directions in multiple languages
Garmin® GPS

Making a big move or transporting deliveries during your peak season? Next time you’re in a new city,  find your way faster with our 3-D maps and simple-to-follow directions.

Garmin® GPS navigation can help you plan a smoother trip by calculating approximate arrival times and locating hotels, restaurants and thousands of other points of interest.

*At participating Budget Truck Rental locations. Please check with your rental location for availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

A portable Garmin® GPS can be reserved online, through the 1-800-GO-Budget reservation center or at Budget Truck Rental locations. To add GPS to an existing online reservation please call the reservation center or the dealer where the reservation was made.

The portable GPS unit must be returned along with the Budget rental truck during the return location's regular operating hours.

The charge for a lost, stolen or damaged GPS Unit is $599. Loss Damage Waiver and Personal Accident Coverage do not cover loss of or damage to the portable GPS unit.

The portable GPS unit is extremely accurate, thanks to its high-sensitivity receivers. However, certain atmospheric factors, including severe weather and other sources of error, can affect the accuracy of any GPS receivers.

Garmin® GPS receivers are accurate to within 15 meters (49 feet) 95 percent of the time.

The portable Garmin® GPS unit is designed for simplicity. It’s only 3.2 inches tall, 4.4 inches wide, 3 inches in diameter – and weighs less than a pound. Each Garmin® GPS system is simple to operate because it comes with a quick-start guide, user guide, power cord/traffic receiver, and a window suction cup or portable friction mount.

When you pick up your truck, the small and portable Garmin® GPS system will be handed to you by your rental sales agent, along with an easy-to-read instruction sheet. Just plug the GPS system into the truck’s cigarette lighter, review the simple instructions, and hit the road.

The system is accessible only when your truck is standing still. Just program your desired location before you start driving, and Garmin® GPS
 GPS will do the rest. And since the system has a built-in microphone and hands-free Bluetooth® technology, you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel while you’re driving.

If the Garmin® GPS system prompts you to enter a PIN code,  just locate the rental documentation you received from the Rental Associate. The PIN code is on the rental agreement document in the comments line. Enter the code into the device and it will work properly. If the PIN code can't be located on the Rental Agreement, please call customer service at 1-800-GO-BUDGET (800-462-8343) to get your code.

Always keep the Garmin® GPS device stored in a safe place because you’re financially responsible for it. If you choose to keep it in your rental truck, remove the GPS unit from the dashboard, secure it in its carrying case, and store it under the seat of your truck so it's out of view. Temperature extremes will not affect the hardware. Always roll up your windows and lock the doors when your rental truck is unattended.

To search for an address in your Garmin® GPS device, try these easy tips:

1. First, enter the name of the street you’re searching for without entering any directional indicators or other information. Instead of typing "South Main Street,” just type "Main.”

2. Also try searching multiple cities instead of just one specific city. It’s possible that the system’s mapping data includes similar addresses located in cities or towns other than the address listing you’re using.

It’s easy! Just visit the Garmin® Bluetooth Website at Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.